14 Şubat 2009 Cumartesi

The Forbidden Fruit

This post and the one below are written as part of a series of posts from Chewing The Fat followers on subject of sexuality. Go ahead and read and then read some more from here.

Most living creatures enjoy sex (some choose not to, but as long as it is their choice, one can only respect that). But the vast majority do. Some fluff their feathers to get it, some talk to get it, some pay to get it, some get married to get it and some get divorced to get it. Hell, there is even a huge industry helping the unimaginative to get it. The media feasts with it, it is the basic talk among teenagers, girl gossips or men comparing scores with each other. There is one but one group of people who are exempt from it; the disabled community. It doesn't matter if they are mentally or physically disabled, it is just assumed that they have no interest or any need for it. Majority of the parents and the carers cannot even tolerate the disabled masturbate let alone having sex with someone. I cannot even begin to think about what it would be to be a gay disabled person.

What a pity that even such a basic need necessiates advocates, education and taught respect. I wonder when will the society get it.

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Adelaide Dupont dedi ki...

Hey Gun!

Thank you for giving us a reflection of sexual life in Turkey, especially among those with disabilities.

Adsız dedi ki...

Hi Adelaide,

Thanks for yr note. I somehow think that sex rights of disabled people is still a big struggle everywhere in the world. It was actually written from that perspective, not only from Turkey's perspective.

I had read your blog, enjoyed it and will be sure to check back on it soon :)